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Photo by Julie Gury

Located on the Embarcadero
across from Morro Rock

One of the friendliest spots on the Central Coast. Great food, an inviting staff, warm customers and a beautiful view - join us!

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Marjorie Judd and Gordon
Marjorie Judd, a favorite, devoted
customer, and Gordon.
Come on in and have a cup of coffee.
We're always happy to see you!
Celebrating it's 65th year serving great, traditional meals, the Coffee Pot Restaurant is both a meeting place and a treasured part of the Morro Bay experience.

Many locals come here daily for a delicious breakfast or lunch and to see friends. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere is just as welcoming for visitors to Morro Bay. Drop by and have a meal with friends.

The Coffee Pot offers an extensive selection.
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Arrive a little early or waiting for a table?
On this bench in front, you'll find all you need to serve yourself a cup of coffee.
Photo by Linda Tanner
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Milt, Karen, and Gordon

Gordon Lu Chi Fa
Lu Chi Fa (Gordon), Owner

Open Every Day 7:00 am - 1:30 pm for Breakfast & Lunch