Double Luck - Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan
Double Luck Parents Choice Award
Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award

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Gordon Lu (Lu Chi Fa) was born in 1942 in the Jiangsu Province of China. He grew up there and in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. As an orphan, he was shuffled from one house to another; he often was hungry, beaten, and forced to beg to survive. In 1969 he immigrated to the United States. Through hard work and preservance he realized the American dream of success.

Double Luck - Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan is the account of Lu Chi Fa's early years in China. It was written with the hope of inspiring others to seek opportunity in times of crisis, to believe in the rewards of hard work, and to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Double Luck has been a successful book, with some 70,000 copies printed. The book received a Parents' Choice Gold Award for non-fiction. Three education classes at California Polytechnic University include Double Luck on their required reading lists. Lu Chi Fa has been invited to speak to numerous school classes and community groups.

Young people and adults alike are inspired by Lu Chi Fa's story.

From Publishers Weekly

Currently the owner of a restaurant in California, Lu looks back on a life that reflects China's tumultuous recent history, from wars and famine to Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution.

Orphaned at three, Chi Fa grows up amid hardships that will be scarcely imaginable to American readers. "Chi Fa, you are lucky. Good fortune will find you," his beloved Sister tells him when, yielding to her husband, she abandons him on another sibling's doorstep. The boy is shunted among his relatives, sold to strangers and eventually rescued from them by Sister; he is beaten, starved and forced to beg.

At 12, he survives a dangerous trek to freedom in Hong Kong, where an elderly man to whom he gives food fuels his dreams of emigrating to America ("In America people eat three times a day. In America they are too full to swallow sorrow"), a dream he finally realizes at 20.

The first-person narrative is pedestrian and even plodding in parts ("An important thing I forgot to mention is China's class system"), but readers who are not put off by the prose will be impressed by Chi Fa's perseverance, intelligence and goodness of heart. Photos not seen by PW. Ages 10-up.

Comments from Readers

" . . . I could tell you by text and, hopefully, one day in words, what I feel about this book. I thought, 'how can this happen?' I can tell you, Mr. Lu, how I feel it changed my way of thinking."

"I applaud you for your courage, your persistence in the face of incredible odds, and your eternal optimism and faith in mankind. Your story will remain with me forever. Thank you also for reinforcing my love for the United States and the freedom we can too easily take for granted. Double Luck will be treasured in our home forever."

Double Luck
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